Monday, April 4, 2011

Studio Nesting #1

Creating a Home Studio

It's not always easy for us crafters/artists/creative types to find a space in the house to spread out and work...sometimes that's about the size of it...a little niche in the corner.  Especially when there's family and their comfort to consider as well.

I'm fortunate that there is only me and my sweetheart at home now.  And while he's very supportive of what I do artistically, he's not always "down" with the mess that goes along with it!  So, I'm always coming up with ways to simplify and streamline the many projects I'm working on, mostly pillow making and oil painting, while keeping the house looking like a somewhat organized home.  I'd like to share a few of my projects with you in an ongoing series I'll call "Studio Nesting."

Here's a quick look at one end of my studio/living room.  I love being in the active part of the house so I don't miss anything, and the lighting is wonderful all day long in this room. In this post I want to talk about my fabric storage and how I keep it out in the open where I can be inspired by seeing it, sort through it and still have the living room presentable for guests.

This is what I had to start with a year ago when we bought this place...wood paneling as far as the eye could see!   Good thing I'm a painting contractor and not afraid to pick up a brush and get a little paint on me...actually I get paint all over me which is fun, including my hair, which is never fun!

I used two colors to make this china cabinet a little more interesting, replaced all but the top glass shelves with wood and added new hardware. 

 I then filled it with books and curios that I couldn't seem to live without.

Then it was time to make room for my ever growing supplies and fabrics.  I condensed down my books and curiosities and took the two bottom shelves for neatly folded fabric, so I can see what I'm working with and make easy fabric selections.  The bottom drawers and cupboards hold more supplies and reference books.  And it still looks like a presentable living room.  I'm happy, my guys is good.

In my next posting, I'll talk about how I went from having a whole room for an office in our last an office in my armiore!  

Trash Bag Tango
I wanted to add a great little exercise to get rid of clutter from Fresh Home Magazine Spring issue...Trash Bag Tango.

Wander around your house once a week for 20 minutes with two trash bags.  Fill one with things to be thrown out and one with items to go to charity.  In a a month you'll be amazed at the dent your made.  Sounds so easy, I'm going to try it, I'll let you know how it's workin' for me !


  1. Looking good! I can use all of the "Studio Nesting" tips you got, baby, as I begin my move from a 1450 sq ft studio to a 500 sq ft studio.

  2. I love that huge cabinet Denise, I wish I had something like that. Someday I will have a room for my crafts. I may not work in it b/c most of my work is done on the couch...hehehe, knitting and crocheting, but I would love to have one room where I can display everything, art, clothing and candles and soap!

  3. Lovely work area. I love how you've made it so you can see your fabrics to be inspired and they really do make a pretty display. I can't wait to see your office.

  4. The china cabinet looks great, I could use one like that.

  5. OMG - I'm not worthy!! Too awesome...

  6. Denise, I love your storage cupboards! I am using 2 former bedrooms right now--one for sewing and one for paper crafting--and it feels as if neither space is big enough. Often I end up visiting the kitchen table, where the best (natural) light can be found. Did you have to pare down your fabric collection in order to make it work? Do you have extra fabrics stored elsewhere?

  7. Wow, Denise, this is amazing. The China Closet is awesome. Great colors, too. And the armoire is so many beautiful works of art as well as a workhorse!

  8. You inspire me! Good descriptions and tips for all of us to get organized and make the most of our space. Yours is a work of art!

  9. I'm blown away by what you did on the China Closet . . . you are quite talented!


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