Saturday, May 14, 2011


Here we are on Wednesday in Logrono Spain...the Capitol of the Spanish wine country. It's yet another beautiful, though larger that Santo Domingo, Spanish city...a college town actually.

I love how Logrono has mixed old with the this new wall in front of old buildings...

...or this old wall in front of new buildings.

This lovely river flows down the center of the city with beautiful parks and walkways along side it to enjoy...everything was so lush.

The old stone bridge crossing the river.

Peeking through the old stone bridge.

We're getting pretty good at our self timed photos...that explains why all our photos look the same with the same pose...I only have10 seconds to get in the frame!

We can't seem to get enough of these old European streets and the homes that line charmingly inviting!

For two people who aren't particularly religious...we love seeking out and touring old churches. This double steeple was very impressive from all parts of the city.

Unfortunately it wasn't open while were there so we couldn't tour inside.

These bikers were traveling the Santiago 400 mile pilgrimage on bike...we wished them safe travels as they passed by us and the cathedral.

Another example of old and new...these 2'x2 ' dice made out of stone where in the plaza of the ancient church...very cool.

In the center of town there was a lovely formal rose garden...beautifully maintained.

The roses smelled heavenly and filled the air.

In the center...Barcelona himself !

Even the graffiti was great...very Bansky!

I saw these two mugs several times throughout the city ! ;)

A couple of kitties stopped by to visit and remind us of our little one, Paint, at home waiting for our return.

Another great day Honey...on to the next adventure...Barcelona ..

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