Sunday, May 8, 2011



We arrived in Spain yesterday not knowing what to expect. It was a four+ hour train ride and you could certainly tell the difference leaving France and crossing into Spain.

We were pleasantly surprised by our place in Spain, we didn't realize it was a resort...or that we would need the rest after all the planes, trains & buses we'd been on in the last two weeks.

Tomorrow we jump on more trains & buses for four more hours to meet up with our friends Robert and Cindy who are here doing a historical pilgrimage walk through Spain near Logrono, which is the Spanish wine country.
So today was a day of rest.

Our resting spot in Spain.

Beautiful little bottle brush bushes in front.

Refreshed at the end of today.

One of the many pools here at Estival Park, and the weather was I had to run out and quick, get a bathing suit to take advantage of the sun!

And another pool...looks like any seaside resort. Both lengthy stays in France and here in Spain have been through Jim's parents time share with RCI...otherwise this trip wouldn't be possible !

Beach on the Mediterranean ... Looks like home in California !

Except for all the oil tankers off shore!

I was curious if the Mediterranean had does !

And a chance to catch up on emails and posts.

I hope to find some interesting things to share as we travel a little deeper into central Spain...though my heart is still in France!

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  1. Looks and sounds like a fabulous trip! Can't wait to see all of your photos. Keep posting so we can enjoy your travels with you.


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