Friday, May 13, 2011

Things that caught my eye...

It's been a challenge posting and trying to get things out in cyber space since we got back from our side trip to the Spanish countryside ... but I keep trying!

Here are a few photos of things that caught my eye while wandering around with camera in hand...

These trees in the center of Santo Domingo reached across the walkway towards each other and will create a cool canopy in the summer months once their leaves fill in. This is a wonderful gathering spot for the village locals.

Some of the branches have reached out and actually fused together.

Looking out from atop of the church in the town center, we saw nests of storks on top of an ancient wall...many nest had young storks in them.

I love this shot of stork with chick & the church steeple.

They were everywhere, nested high and out in the open...pretty cool!

I can't get enough of the old houses on tiny streets...

...especially seeing flowers and plants tucked into window sills and doorways just to have a garden.

Of course I love the painted details! This was an iron gate with just a touch of color added to it, looks like something I would paint!

This was a painted stone faux finish inside the church...looks like something I want to paint!

This was a contemporary stained glass in an ancient church representing a much loved story of The Cock & The Hen...too long to go into now...

...but hens & rosters were everywhere ...

...even inside the ancient and very impressive church. They cock-a-doodle-dooed all through our tour, and the mass that followed!

Time for a toast to the cock & hen & Santo Domingo, onward tomorrow to explore Logrono.

Location:Santo Domingo Spain

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