Sunday, June 12, 2011

Chalk Paint

I was in a painting workshop all day yesterday learning about this wonderful Chalk Paint developed by world renowned decorative painter Annie Sloan...FABULOUS !  I loved every minute of it, as did all the other decorative painters who were in the workshop...we soaked it up and didn't want the day to end !!!

The workshop was hosted by Melanie Royal at her Royal Design Studios in Chula Vista.  Melanie is an internationally known stencil and decorative paint artist with and amazing selection of stencil designs and ideas in her studios...I could have spent the day just looking at and being inspired by all the painted walls, floors and ceilings there and called it a productive day! The class was taught by Kari Saupstad and Anne Skougard who made it fun while encouraging us to play with this paint and make it our own.  The two of them did a wonderful job of putting this class together and making it a much worthwhile day.

Royal Design Studios

Chalk Paint
We did eight different finishes that we all know and are familiar with, though it was a whole new experience with Chalk Paint & Waxes.  I cannot believe how wonderful this paint is and how much fun and workablility it offers...can't wait to share it with my clients !

Chateau Wall Finish

Stencil Over Waxed Finish

Crackled Wax Finish

Two Colored Paint and Colored Wax

Rustic Waxed

Clouded Stipple

Lime Wash Over Oak

Color Over Dark Wood & Dark Wax

Two Colors Exposed & Wax

It's so easy to get comfy in what your doing...though you can forget to learn new things. Yesterday was not only a great class and learning experience...but it reminded me to keep it fresh, explore new things, do it different, mix it up...
that may have been the real lesson !


  1. Hi Denise! Great to see you and I'm so happy you enjoyed the class and the studio. Don't be a stranger! I'm off to go poke around your blog :)

  2. Hey Denise!!! Loved talking with you and exploring the Chalk paint together!! It was a great class and I loved the ease of application of the many varied COLORS!!!

  3. What a beautiful look that paint gives. It's so rich and vibrant. I bet your clients will love it. I know I would!

  4. Lovely work really enjoyed having a look thanks


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