Thursday, July 28, 2011

A bathroom as art !

Now that I'm home from LA ... and have a few free moments on my hands ... it's time for some home repairs/improvements.  First on the list is the little bathroom with the wall paper peeling and falling away from the walls !  What to do ?!  First and foremost,  get two layers of paper off the walls, only to find very rough splintery wood underneath.  How about texture paint, that could work?!  Off to Home Depot we go to find a textured paint (which they do have by Behr)and collect all our supplies for this tiny bathroom.

I won't bore you with all the gory details...suffice to say it took two coats of very lethal primer to seal the wood, then two coats of texture paint brushed on with a 4" brush in a random brush stroke (kinda fun), then another two coats of base color (Millet by Frazee) just to get to the fun part, which I still wasn't sure what that would be.

But...going through applying all those coats of primer, texture & paint was the time I needed to become one with that little bathroom, and while I was putting on the final base coat color it came to me...painted circles...of course !  There is an oversized abstract painting (which I love for it's unexpected proportion in this small room) that has outlined circles in to...why not continue a few of them onto the wall and ceiling.  The trick is to NOT get carried away...only add a few (in odd numbers) just enough to make it fun...and not cute. is the finished little bathroom with a big personality...and that is my process of coming up with the plan.  Often times I have the best creative thoughts and ideas when I'm right in the middle of a project.  Not always knowing how it's going to turn out when you dive in is the fun of  being in the flow!

Next home improvement is cleaning out and trying to create more storage in our workshop!  Along with this project came the realization that we are storage dysfunctional, which made it harder to keep in the fun flow of painting.  Not to worry though, I probably won't post about storage clean up...unless we come up with something wonderfully creative while in the process !

See you next time.

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