Monday, April 23, 2012

Stencil Love...

Have I mentioned...

I love stencils

...and how much stenciling adds to my painted furniture
and sometimes inspires the design all together!

Well if I haven't... let me take a moment now and share my thoughts on stenciling.  Like I said, they inspire me!  Sometimes seeing a great stencil design will pique my imagination and I'll pair it with a piece of uninteresting furniture and...

viola / paint magic!

One of my favorite places to shop for stencils... 

Monday, April 16, 2012

Salvaging Bliss...

This may be a long one!

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this weeks post...

Salvaging Bliss...
Lucinda and I happened upon Architectural Salvage in San Diego on Kettner Blvd in Little Italy last week while on our way to Dick Blick Art...
we had to pullover!  

old watch cool

glass ceiling light shades 

We were like kids in a candy store...but good kids...we didn't give into the temptation and left empty handed.

It did spark me to look at salvage projects online and see what I could come up with should I happen upon something interestingly salvaged!

old keys & snipped tin
rubber door mate spray painted & hung
glass lampshades as candle holders
printers drawer to hold mini collections
 wall of suitcases for organization

old rake as jewelry holder

old photos as gift tags
(we all have tones of old photos)

Very cool shutter the shutter wall.

And then...

I found some old windows (5) and two small louver shutters to play with while at a craft sale on Sunday.
Now I'm hunting for inspiration on what to do with them...

...and I'm open to your ideas if you want to that you know how to share & comment here.

Enjoy the Day...

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Eggs bring little birds...

Easter Eggs...

to enjoy more original paintings for Easter 

...bring little birds in the most surprising fashion!

All these chirpy little birds are handmade 
and worth a look see.  

To make it easy I put together a little treasury of 
turquoise birds in celebration of...

a bunch of scrape


Carolyn Cochrane

and Easter birds.

Happy Easter

Sunday, April 1, 2012

For the Birds

I love waking up to a new month

Spring is tenaciously trying to squeeze it's way in...
the birds are chirping with delight this morning...
 I'm restless for a little change!

I aim to accommodate that need by switching out my little nitch in Leaping Lotus to a new theme each month.  Rather than just adding my most recent vintage finds, I'm taking one space and completely telling a different story with the dawn of each new month...

it is so much fun + a good thing for everyone involved!

excited about an inspiration for a theme + have a focus when I head out the door to forage for the goods + paint, sew, repair, create + best of all...merchandise it all together to create the story I envision

Don't get weary of seeing the same things each time you come + glimpse a whole new story each month + hopefully get inspired and share in the buzz

The month of March story was 
By the Sea...

...being a coastal community, this story went over really well!

The tale of April is inspired by those little chirping songsters
 I'm listening to right now...this ones for them...

For the Birds

Also sprinkled in with Cerro Home vintage finds...

Tomorrow is the big switch...bye bye Seaside...hello Birdie!

If your in the area please stop by and visit...if you're not, I hope you'll be inspired to bring a little chirping into your April and get prepared for it comes!