Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Tea time, candle lighting...bringing it all together for the holidays!

You all know I love... 
 and always have my eyes open for beautiful vintage 
furniture + linens + china + silverware
the list goes on!

Several weeks back I came across a lovely idea on Pinterest using
tea cups for candles...a perfect match up!

I right away re-pinned them to my 
headed off to Google search to find a few 
tea cup / candle DYI tutorials 
 posted an album of ideas on my 

The perfect rainy Sunday came up last week to pour some wax into tea cups...
so pour I did... 
into tea cups I've collected on some of my recent thrift store outings.

I pulled together my tools and picked up a few more easily at Michael's.
Wicks, scents, soy wax, sticks, the little metal wick things...
(I've always got Michael's 40% coupons in my bag of tricks)
the rest of the tools I had on hand.

A large pot with a pouring can to double boil and melt the candle wax.

I used that 40% coupon for a large bag of soy candle wax shavings,
it melts really nicely.

Put the wax in the pouring can
(I guessed on the amount...after all this was my first time...
and forget reading instructions on the box of wax...not my style)!

After the wax is melted and you take it off the heat,
you can add in color & scent to melt into the wax.
I shaved color off candle dye chunks to get just the color I was looking for...
a soft aqua using green and blue dye.
I then added both liquid scent and scent melts
using pomegranate and frankincense...
smells so good!

While the wax was melting, I set up the tea cups to receive the hot wax.
Wicks with a zinc center keep the wick from falling over,
add the little metal thing (forgot what it's called) 
to the bottom of the wick and crimp it,
wrap the top around a stick...
I'm ready to pour!

The hot wax color dries much different
when it's cooled down,
this dark green ended up a light aqua.

Once I started I just couldn't stop!
I even headed out to my favorite thrift store 
in the middle of pouring
to find more candle vessels!

So much fun!!!

Of course...I didn't do so well in the after photos!
I was busy planning out more colors and tea cups!
For now here are two of the aqua cups peeking down in the right hand corner
already in my shop at Leaping Lotus.

I have a feeling there'll be more posts in the future
with lots of candle ideas...
start warmin up that wax!


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