Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sharing one of my favorite daily painters...

I love art
I love painting
I adore a loose + juicy brush stroke!

I have so many favorite artist...too many to even name and list.
 There are a few that I gravitate to
the simpler the brush stroke
the more I appreciate how artists tell a story 
with so few strokes.

I delight in Angela Moulton's little paintings!
She paints everyday
and her little paintings sell before I even get a chance to
mull it over and click the add to cart button!

Her little birds are too, too darling!
(I have two) 

Angela's flowers are so simple and pretty.

She also offers paintings of whimsy and humor...
a little bit from all aspects of life.

Tonight I finally got to the Add To Cart button before 
anyone else beat me to it!

I will have to make room somewhere on my walls for
these little chickadees...cause they'll be on there way to me in Encinitas, Calif.
from Angela Moutlon in Elmhurst, Ill.
So happy

Visit her Etsy online shop




  1. Thank you so much for the blog feature! I love it. You picked some of my favorite pieces.

    1. My pleasure Angela...My little chickadee are hanging in the dining room until they find their permanent home here at my house. Keep painting those beautiful brush strokes!


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