Friday, April 19, 2013

Questioning where to go me out!

I just finished up this collection of turquoise furniture...
loving the way it turned out and hoping my customers will too!

coffee table with decoupage squares

set of Stanley night stands with faux wood tops

Now the last piece to get to is the 8 drawer dresser in the background.
It's a beautiful cherry, and I'm stuck on what to do with it.

That's the quandary!

It's tricky finding just the right thing customers are looking for...
and will buy
 They may like a piece and how different it is, the colors they love, 
everything is just right...
except it just might not fit into their home decor.
So it sits in my shop waiting for just that one person, who falls for it.

I'm always trying to find that magic formula that makes me happy to paint 
potential customers wanting to buy !

Here are a few I found on Etsy
(a place to sell and buy all things handmade, vintage and supplies)

Contemporary flair like this dresser from

 Simple colors & design with a natural wood top seem to sell well

 Danis Custom Designs

Gray and white are always vintage favorites...
though kinda dull to paint!

Then there's decoupage...which I love doing and looking at..
though can be a slow seller.

Another favorite of mine and customers...

They always sell well.

So...not sure which sells best...which I'll end up doing...
and I am always looking for public opinion
(that would be you)
so please pipe in and let me know what you think sells bests.

I think I may do a tutorial on painting this dresser with 
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint...

so check back and see how it transforms.



  1. I am loving the two toned pieces. Check out this blog about it with cool looks I also love the striped piece you showed. Good luck!

    1. Kelly...You are so right...two is the way to go! I've just spent this early morning pouring over the post you shared with all the pieces! Though Knack stood out for so many reasons...along with Barb's furniture...I'm inspired by her whole site. Love her photo set ups too.
      I have 4 dressers to play with two tone colors & wood. Thank you so much for opening my eyes up to something I hadn't considered...and I'll be sure to share the results!


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