Monday, November 25, 2013

This is Relaxing on a Sunday?

It actually is...was!
Even though I was wanting a nice relaxing Sunday...this is kinda what it looks like.

I've been wanting to doctor up the simple little coffee table 
we plunk our feet on whenever we sit on the couch...
and I'm always down for a quick fix 
and using stuff I already have on hand.

So I covered the top of the table with a piece of carpet padding
left over from Saturdays project, used a little batting I had on hand...

...and run to the local fabric store for a remnant.
As you can see I'm never afraid to mix up patterns.

And here you have it...
a nice little ottoman / coffee table
in an hours time and less than $10.00...

I didn't stop there though... 
I've also been wanting to paint our table top in the dining room.  
The original finish was really showing it's wear
(it was Jim's Grandparents table). 

I'm not so big on refinishing...and as you guessed,
love Chalk Painting!

So out came 
Creme De Menthe + Spanish Moss + Primer Red + Cayenne.
I used the reds as my base color
and the greens over top.

 I love how the paint took it upon itself to crack
and let the red peek through.

I sanded up all the edges...

 ...and here you have it.  
It was quick and added that touch of color I needed so the table didn't look so serious,
and it plays off all the touches for green and turquoise I have in the room.

Sunday was relaxing in that I got two easy projects 
that I'd been wanting to do...done!
That relaxes me.


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