Thursday, January 30, 2014

Rainy Kauai Hawaii

We knew planning a trip in the rainiest month, to the rainiest island, on the rainiest part of the island...would be risky. Our first confirmation that we were right was landing in Honolulu for our connecting flight to Kauai.

Cloudy skies and big stormy waves make it clear there will be no snorkeling going on here...

We can only look out and enjoy the beauty of the north shore...

...and check out some of the other local delights.

How about this cool little Hawaiian snail...

...and water lillies

...and the wild chickens and roosters that are everywhere!

At least we have a great full 2 bedroom/2bath condo to hang out in...

...with beautiful tropical views.

We decided this morning though, to head down to Waimea on the west shore for the next 2 days and nights...because that's where the sun and snorkeling is!

I hope to post sunnier photos and thoughts from there...but don't get me wrong...even a rainy day is a good day in Kauai! And the R&R is deeeelightful!


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Friday, January 24, 2014

A shadow of my former self...

has been off to a busy, yet slow start.

Busy because...
 until this last Tuesday (January 21)  I'd been working in LA
in the CMA show room getting them ready for the 
Gift and Home Show that is going on right now. 

Slow because...
I'd been up there since before Christmas
and working out of town takes me out of my regular routine
and how I live and work here in Encinitas.