Friday, January 24, 2014

A shadow of my former self...

has been off to a busy, yet slow start.

Busy because...
 until this last Tuesday (January 21)  I'd been working in LA
in the CMA show room getting them ready for the 
Gift and Home Show that is going on right now. 

Slow because...
I'd been up there since before Christmas
and working out of town takes me out of my regular routine
and how I live and work here in Encinitas.

So when New Years rolled around, 
I had lots of ideas tumbling around in my head
of what I want my new year to look like...
though it was hurry up and wait situation...
wait until I'm back from LA.

The first and biggest immediate change was moving out of my space 
at the Leaping Lotus in Solana Beach...a hard decision to be sure.
I loved my space there, it was my first and I'd been there for three years.
Cindy and all the staff had become friends and I loved showing up there
to work my furniture and see all of them...happy times!

I have two other retail locations that cater to the vintage customer
and I do better business with them...and something had to give...
as sad as it makes me, I have to go with where the money is!

Moving day was Wednesday and Thursday.
I took out all my goods, the walls and fixtures I built to create my space...
leaving only my one painted wall and painted floor behind.

Just a shadow of my former self stays behind.

Onward to new adventures in creativity...
I'll keep you posted.

For now...we're off to Kauai for a week of relaxation
and time to finally think how I'd like this year to look.
A little late for a New Year start...but what a place to visualize in!


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