Sunday, December 7, 2014

Screen for screen...

Four blank canvases...

and one creative client!

This project was brought to me by my client Rita,
who I have done several other projects for...
here, here and here.

Rita's latest idea was to hide the large TV,
which is right in the middle of her 
beautifully wallpapered cabinets in the living room. 

She chose a design she was very familiar with, 
hand painted wallpaper in a bathroom 
in her home near San Francisco.

She sent me many photos to work from, 
lots of delightful little characters!

After I ordered custom stretched canvases made by
(Rupen did a beautiful job)...
the two of us came up with a layout and placement of all the characters.

Once all that was done, I got to work.  First painting the canvases with silver metallic washes, 
and then sketching out the design on those blank canvases.

Once the layout and sketchy work was done,
it was on to painting.
Simply acrylic raw umber paint in varying shades.

It was so much fun, as it was a style and subject matter I hadn't painted before.
The canvases hung on my dining room wall so I could have plenty of room
to stand back and take it all in while painting.

The nice thing about having it in the dining room...
stopping by in-between painting sessions to take another look
and make little adjustments when needed.

back to the dark whole in the living room cabinets...

This painted screen filled it up nicely!
So happy to see that it fit perfectly
(I stressed about this)
and the colors work beautifully in the room!

These cabinets are graciously covered
with a soft Asian print wallpaper,
trimmed with silver moldings.

With this ocean view...
everything pales in comparison...
which works well in this room, as it is awash with soft pale light.

The refection of the wall of cabinets and screen
in the mirror across the room...
showing the color palette of the whole room.

Fun project, fun client...
looking forward to Rita's next inspiration!


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  1. Just amazing Denise! Love the rich light feeling you created.


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