Thursday, January 22, 2015

#22 Little Scamp...

Though this is not Sally...
I do have a case of vintage trailer consciousness!

I have my eye open for vintage trailers
and can pick them out of a crowd without even trying!

This is a vintage Scamp Fiberglass trailer, 
parked right next to us while camping up in the Sequoias this last fall.
I was sitting out one morning, drinking delicious camp coffee 
and sketching this little cutie.

I wasn't feeling much like painting yesterday
( or rather coming up with a new trailer idea to paint )
and came across the sketch.

So I just started adding layers of oil over the sketch...
before you knew it I was having fun painting!

The first painting above is what I did yesterday morning...
by afternoon I decided to add in a few Sequoias.

This little trailer makes me happy...
it was a good painting day.



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