Thursday, January 8, 2015

Day #8, A little History ...

It was four years ago when I first met Sally...

She was sitting in a lot looking pretty shabby, pretty run down
and pretty darn cute!

At that time,
 I was just getting started opening an Etsy shop 
featuring my vintage hankies & hanky pillows, 
and was stuck coming up with the perfect name.

Then I spotted this little red Teardrop trailer.
There is was, right in front of me...

The name popped right into my head...and Sally popped into my heart.
Always having a soft spot for things left behind,
I had a great affection and appreciation for this little trailer.

I drove past her several times a day, everyday for four years.
Then one day I dropped a note in the mail box of the man who owned the trailer,
which started a negotiation, which ended up with me owning a 1946 Teardrop Trailer!

I drove her to her new home,
parked her on the carport and there she's been
while we work on her.

The name Sally by the way...just popped into my head one morning
as I was walking past her on the carport...
perfect name for this little Teardrop.

"Taking Ownership"
Painting #8 
6"x6" on gesso board
available in my Etsy shop



  1. So fab! Posting mine now. I almost have the web link worked out. I added Plein Air--only 1 photo and the page he made for 30 in 30 isn't showing the images I uploaded :( so tomorrow her blog will redirect it to my website! Finally!

    1. Great...I look forward to checking it out and seeing you paintings.


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