Thursday, January 1, 2015

30 Paintings In 30 Days...

I've challenged myself...

...starting 2015 with a commitment to paint 
one painting every day 
for the month of January!

30 paintings in 30 days
Brought on by a post from a wonderful artist I follow
Leslie Saeta.

Leslie suggested having a theme for your 30 paintings,
so I've
decided to use my little teardrop trailer as inspiration...

Daily paintings are usually an exercise, a warm up, a place to experiment,
so I don't mind not being too serious, playing and just having fun with it.

Mainly...I want to get back in the habit of painting...everyday!
I hope to see improvement in my painting, start off 2015 with a good habit,
and have fun putting Sally in different situations.

So here is day one / painting one
"Meet Sally"
a Teardrop Trailer.

This one is a 4"x 4" 
oil on canvas 
wrapped on a 1.5" frame...
it's one of several versions of Sally to come.

I'll post my paintings of Sally 
for sale in my Etsy shop

Hope you'll follow along...
better yet, join in and do your own... 
30 paintings in 30 days!



  1. I love Sally. What a fun subject/theme to paint. Looking forward to seeing all the versions of her.

    1. Thank you Bobbie. I've been having such fun rehabbing Sally, and almost done with her...this is one more way to enjoy the process of her rebirth! :)

  2. I can imagine the painting kit you could take to LA...Way to start the year off with a fine intention. I started a figurative piece from Thailand yesterday...only took me two years to get to it! Carry on! (-:

    1. I know Carole...I have to pare it down and keep it simple...and use acrylics while up there...argh. The important part is painting we know! Can't wait to see the Thailand piece...xo


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