Saturday, January 31, 2015

Studio lights out...

Lights out for Sally...
at least the 30 painting in 30 days series.

This was a quick painting I did 
on the morning of day 30, 
painting everyday for the month of January.

As you know if you've been following along...
these are quick little paintings
with my 1946 Teardrop Trailer 
as inspiration.

It was fun, and a great exercise & warm up to start the day.
Thanks for peeking in each day and seeing what I painted,
along with 1400 or more artists from around the world.

Check out the other artists work...



  1. Those quickie paintings as you call them are fantastic! You are one talented girl... I knew that, but didn't KNOW that! Miss you girl. Hope all is well. Lunch sometime maybe:)?

    1. Hey girl...YES...let's have lunch...where are you this week? Would love to catch up with you...I'll call you.


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