Sunday, February 1, 2015

All Thirty!

Here is is...
a little piece of my days in each day of January...
30 Painting in 30 days.

What I learned:

It's not that hard to find the time each day to do a little painting
learn something new, experiment, keep you juices flowing.

Decide if you doing it for just fun, or if you'd like to sell your daily paintings...
and then pick your theme.
I picked Sally because I'm really enjoying working on refurbishing this little trailer.
If I wanted to sell my painting I would find a topic with a wider audience.

While I really enjoy painting...
I did find it's not where my passion is right now.
It has been in the past, and will probably reappear as a future passion.
Though for now, I'm kinda in a gentle in-between figuring out my next creative step in life...
so I'm staying open.

I really enjoyed seeing all the artists work each day
and got so inspired to think and paint things differently..
that will keep my interest.

Thank you for following along for the last 30 days of painting.
Maybe it inspired others to take up their brushes and flex those creative muscles everyday...
I hope so for all of us.

Many of my paintings can be seen and purchased in my Etsy shop...



  1. What a beautiful group of paintings... The colors and simple shapes.... amazing!!!

    1. Thank you was fun and started a new good routine! Yesterday I started another 30 of my own...Fruit and Flower....we'll see if I can keep it up! :) Thanks for commenting.

  2. Impressive! Wonderful to see your paintings...great colors!

    1. Thanks Diana...the good news is that 30 days was a great kick start to get me to paint everyday...which I am continuing on into February...yipppeee!

  3. These are great fun!! Well done!! Happy to discover your art, Denise!! (and looking forward to seeing more floral + fruit)


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