Saturday, February 21, 2015

My clients water damage...

My clients water damage is bad for them...
kinda nice for me!

I mean that in an very kindly way!

First of all, this is one of my favorite clients, ever!
For years I've painted all through their home,  their sons homes 
and in their little beach get away in Pacific Beach, CA

That's where I found myself this week.

The upstairs neighbor sprung a leak that went undetected for a few days,
creating much water damage to the unit below,
my clients unit.

After all the damaged walls were repaired,
I got to go to the beach and recreate my magic...
on work I had done ten or twelve years ago,
with the sound and smell of the ocean as my background.

First I repainted these palm trees in the master bathroom.
My style has changed over the last 10 or so years, 
inspired by my oil painting, its much more painterly...
so I really had fun with this redo.

Then on to the monkey...
I LOVE this little French monkey!
A copy from an original painting by Graham Rust,
found in his book 

Graham Rust is an amazing mural and Trompe L'oiel artist,
check out his work HERE.

Below is the original monkey I painted 12 years ago...
he did look a bit friendlier.

The bedroom walls were done in a Ralph Lauren denim faux finish.
Luckily...I still had 3/4 gallon of the faux paint...
and it hadn't spoiled after all these years!

I love this finish!  I think I would like to try it in a neutral linen...
if I could only find a wall in my house to do it on! 

A few more elements that I painted in this beach get away years ago...

a mural on canvas that I originally did for the butlers pantry,
 in a designer showcase house.

It also worked perfectly in the beach guest room...
that's were it lives now.

The second bathroom also had palm leaves,
more the banana leaf style.

Finishing it off with a colorful Macaw, hiding behind the door.

I'm very fortunate with the work I get to do,
and the people I get to paint for.

Every now and then I paint for a client that
keeps coming up with great ideas and projects for me to work on...
this client falls into that category.

I've been lucky enough to paint extensively in 6 of their family homes, 
as well as homes of their friends and clients.

I'm always looking forward to the next project with them!



  1. I remember this the 1st time around! It was one of my favorites and I think I still have the mag from when it was published. They were smart to have you come in to do the repairs, though. Even if your style may have changed over the years, you can still see that it was painted by the same "hand", which makes for a harmonious repair. I still love the house with the surfboard room and the striped bedroom that I assisted you with for a day. I even loved that laundry room in that house!!!

    1. I know...same wonderful client/designer. I think you met her in that house, it was one of her clients. Anyway...makes me want to head back down the mural road and leave vintage behind! I think that may be the direction. xoxo

  2. Fabulous and fun. It's like a permanent vacation there! (-:

    1. Thanks Carole...hoping to do more murals again in the future...and big enough to call on you to work with me again! :)


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