Saturday, February 4, 2017

Home is where the Art is…

My home studio makeover!

Have you noticed that I haven’t posted many pictures of my workspace in the last few weeks? 
There’s a good reason… I have been in the process of transforming my spacious living room into a new and improved 
studio space! 

Large room with furniture and art materials

It was a major project, almost like moving to a new home. With Jim’s help, and most importantly, his blessing, we have succeeded in creating not only a more productive space for me to work in, but also a cozier living area for the two of us to enjoy together.

Here's the "before" picture of the former combined living room and dining room (below).
The space is 22 feet long by 14 feet wide, with lots of windows and great light. 

Better suited to a studio, don't you think?

former living room and dining room combined

And before you ask where in the world did my living room go…?
… here is the living room now. 

This space (below) was designed to be a family room. I was using it as my office, which was not ideal.

Much better! 

small cozy living room

And the new dining room fits right in by the built-in china cabinets, which I use as a curio and to display some of my assemblage pieces. 

new dining area with china cabinets

Enough about the rest of the house! 
Let's talk about the new studio!

Ten-foot farm table in studio

My ten-foot farm table is one of my most cherished possessions. It has a shelf down below for storage and is mounted on wheels.
It has served me well for many years, in many different capacities. It's a versatile and essential part of my home. 

Ten-foot farm table in studio, far end

One end has been cleared off  for spreading out larger projects… 

Work station

… and the other end is a work station for collage and smaller assemblage pieces.

Nearby rolling carts with shallow drawers hold my collage materials: mat boards, decorative papers, magazine cutouts, etc.

Painting wall

The wall opposite the windows is the best light-catcher (above, right side).

I installed three horizontal wooden slats that I can fearlessly drive nails into. 
This is my painting wall.  I can hang works in progress and canvasses from the nails, like a giant nine-foot easel! 
(I will talk more about the painting wall in a future blog post; it deserves a post of its own.)
I have temporarily hung paintings there, which are easy to remove when the next paint project comes along.

entertainment center holds supplies

The former entertainment center now houses office supplies and inventory for my Etsy shop, Denise Cerro Studio.

armoire is the office space

The armoire is the only piece that remained exactly where is was. It's now my mini office. The doors conceal my computer, sewing machines, and files. A hook inside the door holds my aprons and smocks.

Sunny sitting area with chairs

Last but certainly not least, the sunny corner is now a comfy
seating area to visit with friends and clients, sit with my cup of coffee and look through art books, or just relax and cut up magazines for my morning collage.

Each piece of furniture in this studio are favorite pieces I’ve carried around with me for years… and many more to come. They are at home in my studio
  just as I am at home with them.  

While I’ve been an artist/creator most of my life…it seems there is something about having the dedicated space to walk into each morning and start working, that makes being an artist feel more legitimate. It has made such a difference in my artistic practice and outlook. 
I’ve finally given myself permission to step into the shoes, the studio, the life of an artist. 
I’m so fortunate that this is my “office” and I love my job! 

I'm lucky to have this amazing space to work in, but that wasn't always the case. Sometimes we have to carve out whatever tiny area we can: one end of the kitchen table, a closet, a lap board, to give ourselves a space in which to be creative. Have you made a creative space for yourself? Tell me about it in the comments!

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  1. I'm having studio envy! I have a tiny countertop in our utility room. I have a stool, but can't put my knees under the counter because of the appliances there. I just put together some make-shift shelves and am in 7th heaven about that! One day I'll have a bigger room and lots of shelves and a big sturdy table and a floor that can get messy. Until then...

    Val (musefondue)

    1. Val...I started out at the kitchen counter, moved to the dining room table, then took over our little work shop/storage shed outside...then my guy said "why don't you take the living room"! Needless to say I jumped on that! His motive was to get al my stuff into one spot and not all over the house! We live in a mobile home...and still seem to have plenty of space to live in, and now the whole house is in use! Keep dreaming and planning Val...a year ago I would have never seen this coming! Thanks for coming by and commentingšŸŒ·


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