Saturday, February 18, 2017

The Great Wall

…of Painting

One of my favorite things about my new work space, is this huge wall space I can use for painting. I've mentioned it before. 
Now here's an in-depth look.

Blank canvasses leaning against bare wall

As you know, I've had a couple of large scale commissions lately, and it would be pretty hard to find an easel to hold those giant canvasses steady, let alone the space to set one up.

Here's my solution: the painting wall.

Blank wall with three slats of wood

The nine-foot wall space across from my windows has the best lighting in my studio. I cleared off the wall and screwed in three narrow slats of wood with a minimal number of screws. (Those will be the only holes that ever need to go into the wall itself)

Painting wall with blank canvas

When I have a large project to do, all I have to do is tap a few nails into the wooden slat (saving my wall from all those extra holes) and hang up the canvas. The three slats allow for the versatility of hanging any size canvas. And their depth keeps the wet canvas from sticking to the wall.

Painting wall with new project

I tack up a plastic drop cloth first to protect my wall paint.

My canvas is held sturdily in place and off of my bustling studio floor until I am finished with the project. 

Painting wall with collage project

Then, I take down the plastic and put up a few pictures to adorn the wall until I need it again. 

Painting wall in transition

Painting wall returned to normal

I love this simple, inexpensive, and space-saving deluxe easel wall
It has completely changed my studio game. 

I used to have to paint large pieces outdoors, at the mercy of the weather, and hope the humidity would let them dry in time. Now I can paint in comfort, even on rainy days.

What small thing can you change about your work space to make it more functional for you?
My readers would love to hear how others have made their spaces work better. Share your story in the comments.

Denise Cerro Studio

Come back and see me again to hear about more commission projects I have made using this awesome painting wall, and other goings-on in the Denise Cerro Studio!

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