Saturday, April 15, 2017

Making Connections

Sometimes a simple purchase turns into a greater gain. 

Empty vintage cash drawer

I bought this antique cash register drawer at the Vintage Marketplace in Rainbow CA.
 from Michiyo at LilwoodsVintage. 

Cash drawer assemblage in progress

With Joseph Cornell as my inspiration, I worked on this assemblage for several weeks, choosing just the right elements to fill the cash drawer’s built in niches.

Cash drawer assemblage closeup

When she sold it to me, Michiyo didn’t know I planned to make artwork out of this drawer.

I ran into her again in April at the Driving Miz Daisy flea market.  
I reintroduced myself and showed her a picture of what I had done with the cash drawer.  

Cash drawer assemblage complete

She was so excited and happy to see how it turned out!  

I’m sure most of the vintage vendors never know what becomes of the little treasures they sell. It must be fun to find out when something you supplied is put to a creative use. 

The next day she gave me a shout out on Instagram!
"…Look at THIS!! What a happy drawer! You know how impressed I am. I got goose bumps!"

Cash drawer assemblage on Instagram
Click image to see Michiyo's full post. 

Michiyo of LilwoodsVintage
 travels all over SoCal selling wonderful authentic vintage goods at various markets. 

Lilwoods Vintage shop

As it turns out, Michiyo and I are going to be vendors in the same flea market over Memorial Day weekend at the Barn Vintage Marketplace in Julian CA.  

3rd Annual Vintage Flea Market  May 27th  & 28th

The Barn Vintage Flea Market

The vintage trade has brought together a nice community of vendors who love things with a past. 

I’ve made many friends in the world of vintage dealers…and I look forward to seeing them and my new friend Lilwoods Vintage in this upcoming show…and maybe more in the future.  

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  1. What a beautiful idea! Love it. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you Carol...I've made so many nice friends through my vintage far! It's a really fun group of ladies...with a few men sprinkled in there too. Glad you liked it and took the time to let me know! Enjoy the day!


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