Saturday, April 29, 2017

Market Prep

Come join me this Sunday in Historic Downtown Vista!

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This curated Marketplace will be devoted to offering Vendors and Shoppers a place to celebrate all things old, new, and re-imagined!  
Antique & Vintage wares will be abundant, alongside hand-crafted items from local artisans.

With a market coming up this weekend, it’s time for me to get ready! 
And to do that, I have a whole list of things that need to be done. 

It’s not as simple as showing up and being ready for the lines of customers to hand me their cash (but a girl can dream!)

Here’s a glimpse at what goes into prepping for my booth at the market. 

Assembled art pieces

First, I gather all my art pieces together and assess my inventory.

I finish any incomplete pieces, and repair any that may have been dinged from taking them to previous markets and shops.

Work in progress

Adding hangers to the back

I make sure all wall pieces have hangers on them. 
This is the perfect opportunity to make sure every piece has a CERRO signature plate attached. 

Two small pieces with CERRO plates

I also like to spruce up the back, and sometimes add more decorative elements to tie it in with the rest of the piece. I always think it shows attention to detail when you give a little love to the back of your work.

Back of small piece with CERRO plate

Then I need to make sure everything has that other necessary element: a price tag. 

I made these hanging tags with a large tag punch from Michael's and a beautiful deck of playing cards.

Homemade price tags

Then to think about presentation. 

It helps to make the booth fixtures beautiful and functional. 

My four breakdown tables will all be covered with Rachel Ashwell curtains I had on hand, along with burlap I washed and softened (I don’t recommend this process in your own washer and dryer)! 

The curtains hide most of my shop necessities, and they are attached to the tables with velcro for easy set-up and take-down.

Table covers for market

Five sets of folding doors serve as folding screens for hanging pieces, 
and they become the walls of the booth. 

I use a few small pieces of furniture as props and risers.

Folding doors to hang artwork on

Small furniture for props

And there you have it! 

To see the Denise Cerro Studios booth in person,
come visit me at the 

This Sunday, April 30th.

Grab some lunch in downtown Vista, and stop by to say hello!

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  1. This looks amazing and I hope you sell it all!!


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