Saturday, April 22, 2017

Photo Finish

The Big Finale!

Earlier this year, I did three large-scale projects for a remodel in Old Del Mar. 
I promised to show pictures of these works of art installed in their new home.

Large abstract painting by Denise Cerro

Here are the final pictures you’ve been waiting for! 

Project #1

My previous blog post “Abstract Ideas…brought to life” (from February 11th) was all about the process of creating a large-scale abstract painting. 

Large abstract painting nearly completeLarge abstract painting in progress

The piece was commissioned for the dining room.

My abstract painting in the dining room

The neutral decor just needed this bit of color to bring the room to life.
My painting feels right at home!

My abstract painting on the wall

Project #2

The “Sliding doors” post (from Feb 25th) was about the barn door I painted with an abstract rendering of the old Del Mar power plant situated on the water. 

Painted barn door in progress

With stunning ocean views from this room, my sliding door almost looks like another window. The understated decor lets the artwork take the spotlight.

Painted barn door installed

Painted barn door in the room

Project #3

And last but not least, the “Collage Credit” post (from March 4th) showed the process behind making the large mixed media collage for their home office. 

Collage piece by Denise Cerro

I used some old blueprints of the house in the collage, and inserted a number of personalized details specific to the house, to make the piece more meaningful.

Collage piece in the office

The green office chair is the key piece in this room, and my collage pulls it all together.

I’m so happy to have these new photos from my clients, now that their remodeling is complete. It’s not often that an artist gets to see their work in its new home, and it makes me happy to see how nicely these pieces are fitting in!

Cerro signature photo


  1. These all look great! I remember seeing the barn door, but hadn't seen the others, yet. Great job!

    1. Thank you...they were all fun to work on for me and once they approved my sample paintings I got to do my thing...I love that!


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