Saturday, August 12, 2017

Gelli Printing Plate... new studio BFF

A quick lesson on Gelli Printing Plates here.

I've been watching lots of videos on the versatility of printing on a Gelli plate 
and been excited with the techniques and results other artist have so graciously shared.  
I recently purchased one and couldn't wait to start playing and creating on it.

So let's get to it...
I start by gathering together stacks of different papers I've collected in my studio "paper stash."  
I love papers...especially the box of old office stationery I picked up, including many sheets of 
onion skin papers...very thin and especially wonderful for printing.

Add to that...
tags, envelopes, dictionary pages, maps, scrapbook papers, Rolodex cards, pages from magazines ( I really like this paper) and my art journals...
the list is endless.

Next...things that create texture and interest...
I had stencils and bubble wrap on hand, though I'm becoming more aware of things that will create texture ...I just cut up a webbed bag my potatoes from the grocery store came in 
and can't wait to use that.

Note to self: keep your eyes open for interesting textures to use.

For now I used paint I have on hand, many colors of craft paints.  I find it easier to think about the prints I'll be making and select a group of complimentary colors to work with.  This simplifies the process and frees me up to just grab colors I already know will work together and get busy printing.

I will be investigating better paints in the future, though these worked just fine for what I was doing.

And now, my new favorite studio tool... 
 8"x10" Gelli plate, though they make several different sizes.
I don't completely clean it off in between uses unless I don't plan on using it for awhile.
I like how some of the old residue picks up in a fresh run of prints.

I also have my iPad set up with a few favorite Gelli artists playing while I work.  I find it relaxing to have subliminal company in the studio and can look up when I hear chatting about a technique I might like to try.

Robyn McClendon is my favorite.  
She's a wonderful artist and I love her techniques for printing, painting and 
her comfortable YouTube style.
Here's one of Robyn's videos to check out.

Below are samplings of what I printed in under an hour to add 
to my collage and assemblage paper stash.

Art journal pages, Rolodex cards and tags.

Paper prints on all the above mentioned stationary.

More papers

Paper additions to one of my art journals

I've actually only just used my Gelli plate a few times...I'm just getting warmed up
and loving the results, knowing there is so much more to learn and do.

One thing to learn...
how do the YouTube artists keep their hands so clean?

Happy printing and I hope you investigate using the Gelli Plate 
and find a few favorite YouTube teachers
to inspire you along the way.



  1. Wonderful effects. Haven't dared to watch the video-- could be contagious!! Xoxo

    1. It is kinda addicting Carole...and such a fun creative I need one more! Always room to keep on learning new techniques.


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