Saturday, October 19, 2019

My New Studio

Taking a moment...

This has been an eventful week!

After returning from two wonderful weeks in Amsterdam visiting family, getting a taste of the amazing culture and seeing a lot of art...
big art...
I came home to make some changes...changes that were already in the works.

You might remember I posted several weeks ago about my New Art Digs.  
So...when I got home from the trip I needed to jump right into action and make that move happen, especially since this space became mine while I was in Amsterdam.

First up...
I needed to completely revamp my home studio and pack up the supplies, equipment and furniture I wanted to take to the new studio at Art On 30th where I am now one of the resident studio artists!

Home Studio

Home Studio Dismantling

New Studio & Reading Salon
I still have a home studio, while also a space to read, visit & relax 
that works for everyone in the house.

Moving On / Moving Out
Now let me introduce you to Studio 6.

It took a couple of days to get it set up, with the help of studio director Kirsten Robers,
who had much of my art already hung for me when I got home from my trip.

This is the small hallway leading to my new studio with neighbors 
Robin Roberts next to me and Jannett Osias across from me...
we are three of the 15 artists on the second floor.

I didn't have to purchase anything for this studio set up!  
Everything was either free, dumpster diving or I already had it,
making the move much more streamlined.

The above work table I made from a shelf unit one of the other studio artist discarded 
when he moved out, along with the adjustable height desk under the window.

The wall shelves/painting easel below were from my home studio.

Wood slats screwed to the wall creating another adjustable spot to hang larger canvases to work on, 
or to show work during a show,  also came from my home studio.

I did purchase 6 Clamp Lamps for lighting which clamp right onto the perimeter wood trim perfectly.

And my favorite find of all...

...a swivel, gliding, rocking, comfy chair!
Found for free online, brought it home, painted it with chalk paint,
add a throw and a few pillows from home...
my new favorite spot in the studio!

All of this just in time for the National Show art opening at

Saturday, October 19th
​Ashton Gallery at Art on 30th
1st Floor Main Galleries
​2nd Floor Rotating Gallery
Hosted Wine Bar, Live Music & Beer Garden
Resident Artists Painting Live

RSVP not required

Saturday nights in North Park are bustling. If you don't want to struggle with street parking, it's a great time to try Uber or Lyft.

If you can make it to the show, please do...
and be sure to come up to the second floor and see me in studio 6

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