Sunday, August 30, 2020

Artist Shout Out...

My Art Buddy 

Yahel Yan

You may remember me mentioning Yahel before...about a year and a half ago when she and I worked on a collaborative piece together.  We chose colors and went our separate ways...when we came back together with our pieces and joined them together, we were delighted to see the results!

My lemons on the left, married to Yahel's chair on the right.

Up to speed and up to date...

Yahel and I are part of the mentored program at Art On 30th in San Diego.  

We've been painting together for a little over two years, though during lock down that of course has been put on hold.  Yahel has joined in on the Mixed Media Monday class I teach on Zoom this last six week session and when it came to teaching stencils and stamps, I asked Yahel to step in and give a stamp lesson.  

Below is a speeded up video of her stamp making technique.

An example of Yahel making stamps and stamping a background.

Yahel works in different mediums with her art...oil, acrylics, print making and mixed media where she can bring them all together.  You'll often see chairs in her work as she uses them to tell a story, she sees them as living creatures, their personality, their character and their history.  Yahel's oil paintings are representational while her acrylic paintings are more abstract and whimsical with many layers of underlying patterns and colors.  Look closely as you are more than likely to see a stamped chair hiding in the layers waiting for you to discover, while a beautifully painted chair takes center stage and steals the show.

Love Over Chaos                                           Going Higher

Under Construction

I am a huge fan of Yahel Yan's art...and an even bigger fan of the artist herself.  Her talent is only to be matched by her warmth, generosity and very funny sense of humor.  I always perk up when I see Yahel show up in the studio or in the Zoom gallery during class...I know we're all in for a treat!

Thank you so much Yahel 
for stepping in and sharing your 
stamp & print making techniques with the class.
I'm sure we all jumped onto Amazon looking for stamping supplies 
as soon as class was over!

Check out more of Yahel Yan's art on her website and Instagram page.




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