Monday, April 25, 2011

New Toy !

Did I mention...we're going on a trip to France & Spain !   Yippppeeee!!!  We're pretty busy getting everything organized and ready to go...and part of that was getting a new iPad2 to take along for entertainment, keep up with emails, and hopefully blog (if I can figure it out).  You'll soon know, if I disappear for blogger for three weeks, you'll know I didn't figure it out !  If I do, I'll be sharing photos of sights and things that inspired me while in foreign lands !

I waited in line at 5am on Sunday morning to get an iPad at the Apple Store...reminded me of many years ago, waiting in line for Rolling Stones tickets all night in San Francisco.  I was 17 then, you'd think I'd know better now...NOT...and it was fun !  I met some nice people in line, lots of Apple talk and anticipation of the new toy we were about to receive !

Everyone was asking what apps I've downloaded.  Apps ?  I was too busy making a hanky cover for my new little buddy!  I used a great hanky from the Boston Museum of Art that I found on eBay some time ago, some scrap fabrics and extra buttons, lined it with a nice quilted satiny fabric (so as not to scratch the little fellow) and inserted a few hard pieces of cardboard inside along with thick batting for extra protection.

My New Toy is well protected...but it took me two tries (remember to always measure 5 times, cut once), and way more time than I had while trying to get ready for the trip...though it turned out pretty fun and I'm glad I did it.  I actually found alot of covers on Etsy for time I think I'll support a fellow etsian instead of struggling through making my own !

So....the question is...will she be able to figure out posting on iPad ?  I'm going to give it my best, so please keep checking in to see what I have to share from my trip.  And please, as always...feel free to comment and share your ideas on crafting, painting or travel tips...or anything that comes to mind.  I love your ideas and comments.

Au revoir...Adios...TaTa for now...


  1. Did you have one of the old iPads? You're going to love this! It will be nice and safe in that cover you made. Very pretty!

  2. We will miss you while you are gone but hopefully your new toy will let us follow along on your trip! Enjoy and safe travels!

  3. Have a wonderful time!!!!! Remember to check out the roaming charges on your new Ipad!!!!!!
    Have fun.

  4. What a lovely cover you made for your iPad 2! When we go to Germany this summer, we plan on taking ours, too, and hope that will work out least when WiFi is available.


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