Thursday, April 28, 2011

First day in Paris

A quick note before we take off for our day at Norte Dam, Saint Chapel and the looks like a much better day than day one in Paris!

Day one was not good! Besides being jet lagged from a very long day of traveling and trying to keep up and get onto local time...we had a few run in's with the legendary French arrogance and supposed dislike of Americans!

While admiring the flowers at this little flower shop down the street from our
Hotel, I was scolded in length by the shop owner to only look at the plants & flowers, do not touch! I had to just finally walk away rather than listen to him go on and on in French, out in the street while he had everyone's attention.

Then while trying to buy a metro ticket, the information person pretended not to speak English or help us figure out how to buy a train ticket, and the woman in the sandwich shop was annoyed that we didn't speak French and know ham is jambon.

A little intimidated, though determined, we tredged onward, and headed out for the Eiffel Tower. We figured out the train tickets on our own, and found the metro system to be really efficient and fun. We were amazed by the size of the tower and the crowds of people there. So we decided to stroll around it rather than wait in line to go up it.

We topped off the day with a nice dinner close to our hotel where we could actually read the menu and had a sweet French waitress who gave us hope that tomorrow would be a better day in Paris and with the French!

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