Friday, April 22, 2011

What to do with old slides...

I saw this wonderful idea in a store window when wandering around North Park in San Diego.  I was so inspired by it I snapped a few shots...and then went on about my business and forgot all about them !  I just came across the photos while rummaging through my iPhotos and was inspired I thought I best share...

How cool is this !!!  Drapes made out of old slides !  They were linked together with two little O rings on each side.  They hung beautifully, and what a great light display on a sunny these !

Of course it made me want to investigate what other ideas people have come up with for old I created and Etsy Treasury list to show you.

Check out the whole Kodachrome Treasury here and please share some ideas you may have for all our old slides.


  1. Wow! These are some amazing creations. Who would have thought you could make something from old slides?

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    1. Thanks Karen... This is an old post I forgot about...thanks for bringing it back to my attention, I still love the idea!


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