Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Studio Nesting #4

This is a great idea...okay, not my great idea...but a great idea  worth sharing.  As I mentioned before, I have many painting sitting on the floor against a wall waiting to be purchased and find a new home.  Meanwhile my home studio/living space looks like I just moved in!  I have to get them up off the floor, where if nothing else, they'll get scuffed from vacuuming !

My dear friend and artist, Carole Mayne,  built shelving for her paintings on her studio wall.  I love that I can see all her new works whenever I'm there...and with shelves it removes the mess of hanging each painting with another hole in the wall.

So I put her good idea to use on my one and only big wall in my studio.  At first it was a little overwhelming for me...and my "zen like" guy...but now we're both liking it.  It keeps me inspired and makes it easy to find paintings when I need them.

As for my friend Carole...she is an amazing painter of everything under the sun ! She has an Etsy shop too, with paintings of birds that she paints from wonderful photographs her husband Chris takes...he's an avian photographer among many other things. 

Photos by Chris Mayne
Written by Carole Mayne

A week from today, my guy and I are taking off on a trip to France & Spain !
I'll do my best to send a few posts, or at least photos from there, and will try to set up a few to post while I'm gone.  
We're both pretty excited and can't wait to take it all in !


  1. Don't forget us while in Paris ... with your new I-Pad we should be hearing from you! I am planning where painting panels might go in my house after seeing your blog. Thanks for the ideas.

  2. France & Spain! I'm green with envy. Have a great time. Say "bonjour!" to my old home Paris (I lived there in the mid-1990s).


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