Monday, September 19, 2011

Loving Chalk Paint !

Last week I was blogging about getting furniture painted...and so I did get it painted!  Have I mentioned I love Chalk Paint...I know I have on more that one occasion.  It's so nice to work with and the colors are so perfect for all the furniture I'm amassing and working on.  You don't need to prime, and the wax top coats are so luscious!  

Here are two of the little dressers/night stands I've wanted to get paint on.  Even though their designs & styles are different, I wanted to give the option of using them together in the same room...possibly as night stands.

 Annie Sloan's chalk Paint featured

And here they are...each making it's own design statement, but easily they work together painted in Duck Egg Blue.

 This one has stripes on it's side panels...

 ...and this one has an old Ralph Lauren stencil pattern I've had for years and have used to death !  I still love it's floral design.

 The Duck Egg Blue has a brown tinted wax rubbed over it and buffed out by hand for a really beautiful luster.

They now sit in my new and improved, larger space at Leaping Lotus in Solana Beach...that post will follow shortly.

Just wanted to share the latest...I love painting's where my roots are !


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  1. Love these Denise! It is amazing how the color creates the symmetry.


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