Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Bigger is better !!!

What I mean to say is... I have a bigger space at Leaping Lotus in Solana Beach...and the extra breathing room is soooo much better!  You remember the little 3x5 space I started with... I could really pack it in!  It was a bit limiting when it came to larger items though, and I needed a motivation to paint, paint, paint more what better than extra square footage to fill!
 The original 3x5 foot space

 Leaping Lotus cleared a bigger 8x11 space for me...I love a blank canvas! 

 We painted the floor with a Royal Design stencil

 By we...I mean with the help of my lovely assistant & talented daughter in law, Lucinda.

 Added a simple stripe to the wall...

my favorite right hand man (and sweetheart) Jim painted shelving we had at home...

and we were set to fill it full of vintage finds and hand painted furniture.

We may be adding even more space in the very near future !
If your in the area, and want to enjoy a nice afternoon of meandering through wonderful shops & grab a bite to eat at one of many delightful eateries...visit 
and don't forget to look for my shop in the Leaping Lotus.


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  1. Wow, you have done a fabulous job with the space:):)


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