Friday, October 7, 2011

Goodbye oak ! work isn't necessarily creative...though almost always creates a sense of accomplishment.  This week offered one of those projects to work on in the home of very special clients, Virgil & Gayle Cook, who have lived with dated oak cabinets long enough and wanted the oak out !  So Lucinda and I headed off each morning to oblige them and paint it all out a soft, creamy, almost white, Frazee color...Shady Lane. Simply painting out the oak made such a huge difference and added a sense of refinement and elegance to the Cook's already beautiful home.

The existing bronze hardware shows up so much better on the lighter cabinets and adds a touch of sophitication to this one of three bathrooms we painted.

 The already lovely master bathroom is so much prettier with the light cabinets.
The color Shady Lane is the same color of the walls in the home, making the cabinets blend into the walls for a softening effect.

Upper landing storage cabinets, painted Shady Lane with a faux wood graining finish painted on the counter top to tie it in with the furniture in the living room below.
Faux wood grain painted finish

My personal favorite (the transformation, certainly not my favorite to paint) is the stairway banister...what a beautiful change that made !  I then painted the banister railing in the same faux wood finish to tie it all together.

Did I mention we painted cabinets in the powder room, a hall linen closet and laundry room too...and in two weeks we're back again to tackle the kitchen! The oak will be all gone by the time we're through!

I know, you know, your not stuck with cabinets you don't love...paint magic!  With a gallon of primer & paint, good paint brushes, time and patience (and a great assistant like Lucinda) you can transform your cabinets and update your decor yourself, at minimal cost.

Try it & don't forget to... 

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