Monday, October 10, 2011

Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint Again... I go again raving about Chalk Paint...I can't help's so very cool and fun to work with!  Here's the latest piece I did for my Leaping Lotus space...

#1. Get out the brushes and paint...

#2. Find a piece of furniture to paint...I picked this dresser up at an estate sale for a VERY good price.

I started with a coat of Chalk Paint Primer Red (no sanding or priming with this gotta love that)!

Then I mixed Olive with Cream to create sage and worked both the sage and cream together in a blended fashion to create a cloudy, dreamy finish.

 I rubbed the whole piece with dark wax and let it collect in all the nooks & crannies, then buffed it out to a yummy luster.  I thought the original top looked great with the colors I used, so left it the natural wood and waxed that too, softening the age marks that were already there.

 Inside the center door are three drawers, so I had a little fun and added an element of surprise by painting them in the Primer Red with a simple little Martha Stewart stencil in the Sage & Cream to tie in the outer finish.

 And here it is in Leaping Lotus...

...waiting for it's new home !



  1. Hi Denise, This is one of the prettiest pieces I have seen done with ASCP! You did an amazing job and it is just the lok I have been wondering if I could accomplish. Could you help me out by elaborating a bit more about how you mixed and applied the sage and cream? Did you apply it with a brush or cloth?
    My plan is to use Scand pink all over them and cream and sage mix over top. Do you think that the first layer of paint adds to the final look. You used the red, would you change that?
    Thanks so much you are a doll... I'll be doing my bedroom suite.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  2. Ahrisha...
    Thank you so much for noticing this piece...I love it...and so does the customer who bought it!
    I'm happy to share with you how I accomplished this look. The red underneath was a thin coat just to get the color and I mixed Olive & Cream to get sage. I used a 3" throw away, chip brush to apply both colors (sage & cream) at the same time, next to each other and blended them as I went along to create the cloudy effect.

    I love the idea of Scandinavian Pink undercoat...and yes it does make a difference if you let it peek through. You don't have to put on a heavy coat, or even an all over coat. To save paint...just put the undercoat on edges & corners where you know you'll lightly sand it through. I just finished a piece with Scand Pink & Graphite... gorgeous too!

    Would love to see how your bedroom suite turns out Ahrisha...please share when your done.

  3. Denise,
    Thanks so much for your detailed reply. I will be posting the finished pieces on my blog so I'll let you know when the post is up. Got to clear a spot in the garage first! Yikes.

    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  4. Hi Denise,
    This piece is STUNNING!!!

    Thanks so much for sharing it and for the inspiration that it creates! :)

    1. Thanks for commenting Kim...this piece was one of my favorite Chalk Paint projects and made it's way into a customers new home. I have a few more I'm planning once I finish up my LA project on looking forward to getting my paint clothes back on!!!

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