Sunday, March 18, 2012


capricious [kuh-prish-uhs, -pree-shuhs]
Adjective: given to sudden + unaccountable changes of mood or behavior: 
a capricious climate.

ca•pri•cious•ly     adverb
ca•pri•cious•ness   noun

French capricieux
Italian capriccioso

So there you have it...
creatively that's me...a really nice + romantic sounding way of saying... fickle!

Left + right brain
I've spent many a moments...hours...months...years even...questioning why oh why can't I focus on one creative avenue?!  I seem to enjoy a variety of creative sources, it's hard at times (many times) to keep my eye + attention on one thing...and for some reason I'd convinced myself that was the wrong way to do if there is a wrong or right way to be creative!!!  I think that is what's considered an oxymoron...I'm sure of it!

So...take a deep breath Denise...
and get okay with where your any in the moment...
enjoy the process + where your creative instincts lead you.

It really is all good

 Paintings I worked on in the last two weeks
I've happily rejoined my favorite group of artists and am once again painting with them every Tuesday morning...and loving it!

 Vintage furniture I painted for a client last week



Scouted out and collected some new/old furniture pieces to be painted for my Leaping Lotus "Garden Flower" theme in April.

And...not to forget about sewing and TeardropHankys...
a custom pillow for a client as a gift for her mom with family heirloom hankies.

So there's a glimpse into a week in the life of CerroHome

Along with blogging, keeping up with Pinterest (I can get lost there for hours), and social networking (argh), you now know what Creatively Capricious looks like.  It actually feels pretty good, when I'm not questioning if it's wrong...which I do less and less...and just  stay in the moment + the pleasure being capricious brings me. 

If you receive my blog via email... 
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I invite you + would love for you to join me!

Also...check out my fun ETSY treasury over on the right with a few CAPRICIOUS items from shop owners on Etsy.


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