Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Beach scapeing...

I've always enjoyed a good center piece, table setting...
table scapes
They set the mood, tell a story, suggest a theme. 




 My friend Vickie has a few table scapes in trays that I really enjoy.  So I collected a few things from around the house, put em on a tray...and created a few little table scapes here and there around the house.

And then...
I wondered if anyone else would take pleasure in little 
table scape?

So I headed off to a day of thrift shopping with Lucinda, and collected a few silver trays, a frame or two, candles and a cart full of stuff.  Next to the local craft store for moss, shells, and more stuff.  A few hours on a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon (I should have sneaked in an hour at the pool sunbathing) and came up with 7 table scapes to put in my shop at Leaping Lotus.

Beach scapes...

Love this rusty tray... $3. at an antiques mall.

This is the glass top to the silver chaffing dish below...gotta use all the stuff!

These little orchids were on sale at Home Depot and add a living touch to this great vintage/tarnished silver tray.

Perfect beach scape in a resin shell copy.

My favorite silver tray with leather handles.

I also did a couple for the vintage side of my shop ... 
love this little teacup

The next day I carefully transported them down to Solana Beach and put together a fun seaside group...

I have so much fun going through the whole process...

the ideas I wake up with
finding the cool "stuff"
putting it together
setting up shop
and hopefully...

having a customer like it so much, they purchase my creations for their home...
that's a good feeling!

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