Sunday, October 21, 2012

I love before and does Sherry!

I so enjoy a good before and after project...
I think we all do, nothing like a good makeover...
makes you feel RE-freshed!

I recently posted photos of duel color kitchen projects
on my FaceBook page
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       after       before

In preparation to paint my friend & client Sherry's kitchen
I found a few examples online to show her what the heck I was talking about.

Paint Magic...
clearly more affordable than replacing or refacing tired cabinets...
which is exactly what Sherry had in her condo...very tired cabinets...
to tired for that energetic girl.
The owners prior to Sherry had put in granite counter tops, tumbled marble back splash with decorative details and a really nice stone floor...
but can you believe after all that they left the original cabinet finish...
crazy I say!

Sherry's kitchen before
(after I removed the doors for painting)

Sherry's kitchen after paint magic

We decided to keep it simple and keep her open to add color with 
accessories and art
rather than be locked into color on her cabinets.  
So...I painted the top cabinets Arizona White in a satin finish.

The very tired and worn wood finish on the bottom cabinets
I sanded (actually Jim helped me with that) 
and gave them a new stain using a water based wood stain I mixed up
to take out some of the yellow oak color
and darken them just a touch...
what a difference a stain makes!

The sanding was the hardest part (thank you again Jim) and it really paid off 
to get the stain to take evenly.
Three coats of a clear brought the wood grain out beautifully
and will protect the finish.

    after                                             before

Sherry picked out new, simple & chic hardware in a brushed silver,
so all the hardware got switched out in the process.
The new paint also really shows off the tile pattern on the backsplash.

All this at a mere fraction of what it would cost for new cabinets!
Sure...who doesn't love new cabinets...but it's great to have the new cabinet look
and still have $$$ left for a few new outfits!

I mean gotta look good in your refreshed kitchen!



  1. great job! I know how much work that is. I recently painted my dark kitchen cabinets white and ended up leaving off the top doors and displaying my Grandmother's Fiesta Ware dishes. I put some beadboard in behind the shelves to give it a more finished look.

  2. I love the bead board too Pamela...especially with open cabinets...especially with colorful Fiesta Ware!
    I also checked out your blog...I'll be visiting again to see what you're painting!


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