Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Thursday,Thursday...Thursday is my favorite day...

Put that little tune to music...

Every Thursday I have several friends 
who come on over for coffee, fresh baked goods
sharing tips and tricks of basic painting skills
(both oil & acrylic).

It is so much fun as we all get excited over painting!

Our first piece was a copy of a wonderful pear painting I came across 
and loved the simplicity and colors.
When starting out it's sometimes easier to work from a copy of a painting 
to take some of the guess work out of paint strokes.

More importantly 
we were working with color...only the three primary colors 
+ White

We mixed our own color wheels
primary • secondary • tertiary

Then picked two complimentary colors
(opposite each other on the color wheel) 
and made a new color chart using just those two colors 
to get 35 more colors!

This was how mine turned out

Works in progress...

Lucinda • Lisa • Marguerite

Then we moved on to painting perspectives 
while still using primary colors and adding in Alizrin 
in order to get a much richer lavender.

Holley's first finished painting in 35 years!
Her lavender is so beautifully soft.

Lisa paints regularly...I love her choice of the warm, yellow Tuscan sky.

Marguerite is an acrylic painter
eagerly dedicated to learning about painting...
she's got it down in this ready to frame painting!

Lucinda (lucky to say she's my daughter in law)
is interested more in abstract painting
though enjoys learning a few 
traditional painting rules...
artist rules?

I'm lucky to paint with these artists each week
it keeps me inspired
it keeps us painting...
and that keeps us happy!

I invite you to visit my Etsy shop online
to see what I've been painting


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