Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Handkerchief Heroes...a great resource!

Handkerchief Heroes

I came across this great blog 
written by one of my online hanky customers...
Ann Mahony offers a wealth of information on the history of hankies
Check her out here.

Ann's latest post is titled

Handkerchief heroes covers many hanky trends
and lots of hanky history.


Hankies covered about every topic you can imagine back in the day.
that's just to name a few!

Those little squares of linen were often times the only piece of fashion
a girl could afford!
You'll love Ann's blog on Lipstick Hankies

Once you check out her posts
you'll understand how fun they are to collect...
so many different hankies...I'm hooked!

So...once I started collecting them...and getting into the history...
it was hard (is still hard) to stop.
I DO NOT need anymore hankies...
it's a WANT thing!

What to do with all these hankies?
I can't leave them hidden in a drawer!  
My answer...

           Swiss Air pillow                    Faith Austin Pillow

These are some of the pillows I've made and sent off to new homes.
All sold though my Etsy online shop
my retail spots 
vintage textile sales on

Tammis Keefe collector hanky

Vogue flower of the month collector hanky

Faith Austin collector hankies

Custom order with clients Mom's hanky

I enjoy matching up hankies & fabrics
sewing them all together
and offering them up for sale.

These pillows (fronts & backs)
and hankies are all available 
FREE Holiday shipping

Vera Nuemann vintage dish towel pillow

Faith Austin vintage hanky pillow

Faith Austin collector hankies

I have several of these collector 
calories hankies...a few pillows with calorie hankies too.

If you follow this blog 
you know I have more to say about hankies 
and a few DYI hanky projects HERE.



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    1. Thank you too. I''m gearing up to make some new pillows...once I put the paint brushes down!


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