Sunday, December 9, 2012

Just a note before heading off to LA...

I know I've been MIA from blogging...
it is a bit of a juggling act actually...

and I think you've heard that from me several times before!
I won't bore you with how busy it's been...
we are ALL busy right now, doing the best we can
with the time available to us.

Now that I have my shops pretty set for Christmas, 
I'm off to LA to work on setting up the CMA showroom for the 
And lets not forget Christmas and New Year
to celebrate with family and friends!

So let me apologize before hand for the random posts 
that will be coming up when I have time to sit at my computer 
pull my iPad out at lunch.
I'll be thinking about posting...though just may not have the time 
to sit down and do it.

I will do my best at keeping my daily posts on my FaceBook fan page
so visit me there and LIKE if you will.

Until are a few shots of Cerro Home Christmas set up.

Mixed in, and piled on top of my hand painted furniture
is lots of Christmas goodies for family and home.

Enjoy Giving

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