Monday, November 5, 2012

Once again...Chalk Paint up to my elbows!

I'm really having a hard time...
juggling actually painting furniture and vintage finds
and then putting the brushes down and going to the computer and posting about it! 

I actually enjoy doing both 
(well...truth be told, I love painting more)
they are both creative and necessary parts of what I do...
with pressure involved in keeping up with each one.
It's a good pressure most of the time,
if there really is such a thing!

Now lets amp it up a bit with CerroHome moving into a new, additional retail space!
I've been at Leaping Lotus in the Cedros Design District in Solana Beach 
for the last year and a it here! 

Now I'm adding a second retail space at the 
Urban Barn in Escondido CA...more on this once the move is made.

So...all last week was spent painting new furniture finds to put into both shops...
while getting ready for holiday shoppers too!


Here's a peek of what I've been working on 

A great little chair frame that was too cool all on its own,
just needed some ribbon to French it up.

A ball and claw foot oak table takes on a new color.

A ticking stripe coffee table in Paris & Country Greys
Beloved Chalk Paint and stencil can be found at

 Love this old Singer sewing cabinet!
I added an inset to the inside machine cavity,
now it can be used as a little writing table, bar or extra surface space.

Oak in its past life...
now this little marble top cabinet 
is Country grey with vintage post card decoupage.

Leather top side table in Versailles green
with my favorite "Spring Time in Paris"

 Tray side table with a traditional 
Asian fabric surface.

A buffet I did awhile back...though didn't feel it was ever quite done...
adding the birds in flight finally finished it off.

Now with all that out of the way...
this week
painting this fabulous buy at my favorite consignment shop.
5 piece, Ethan Allen, 7'tall x 12' wide wall unit...
I'm very happy with that!
It will be a beautiful turquoise inside + re stained espresso on the outside

It will be for purchase and to show my vintage finds off at Urban Barn.
More on all that later on...stay tuned for the results of both! 

and I welcome you to speak up and comment, 
let me know someones listening out there so I know this creative pressure is worth it!


  1. Replies
    1. I love that little chair too...just gotta make sure no one sits on it...for decorative use only! But what the heck...looks make up for it! :)

  2. Love that coffee table! Can you please tell me the price, and whether it's at the Escondido or Solana Beach location?

    1. Hi Megan...I just put the ticking stripe coffee table at Leaping Lotus in Solana Beach. The girls can tell you where I'm located in the store...just tell them vendor #262. The price is $98.50.
      Thanks for asking...Denise

    2. Thank you - I'll head over this weekend to check it out. (Fingers crossed it's still there!) I have a couple of your paintings from Leaping Lotus - love your work!

  3. Megan...Thank you so much! Didn't you and I meet while I was at Leaping Lotus working on my shop...I seem to remember that. I love chatting it up with customers as they wonder helps to not always be in my furniture painting mode and get out and visit with customers! :)

  4. Beautiful re-do's!! I am amazed by your talent! I have been to your Leaping Lotus location and fell in love :) I cant wait to visit your new location in Escondido! Love, love, love everything that you do

    If you have time, stop by my blog:

    1. Thank you so much can tell I love it too! I have so much fun and love hearing from people who've been to Leaping Lotus & Cerro Home.
      I'm copying and pasting your blog right now to check out when I get home...enjoy the day! Denise

  5. All your pieces are so beautiful! Congrats on the new location, wish I were close to see them live and maybe adopt a few for myself. I enjoy your blog and watch for new pins so I can see your latest creations. Can't wait to see the afters of the Ethan Allen unit :)

    Denise in Texas

    1. Hi Denise in Texas! Where in Texas are you? My parents used to live in Madisonville.
      Thank you so much for the comment...I have so much fun with the whole furniture painting process! Chalk Paint has certainly helped with that...letting me get right into the creative part with out all the tedious prep work!
      I've broken the 5 piece Ethan Allen set up a bit and changed my original color plan...and love it! Will be posting more about that very soon. Stay tuned and thank you again Denise for following my creative adventures!

    2. I am in the DFW area and I don't recall being through Madisonville, but I will put it on my list. We do have some wonderful little towns here.
      I'm sure whatever you do with it, it will be amazing! I've started dabbling and collecting pieces to do, but do not have the time to do everything I want to. I've managed to finish one small table so far. I do love the chalk paint (picked up some CeCe Caldwell locally) and especially getting the wax all over my hands :)
      On you "fooling around" post, you had some lovely paper inside the drawers of the small dresser, can you share what you use?

      Denise in Texas
      I will definitely stay tuned.

  6. Sure I'll share Denise...
    I'm a big believer in finishing off all my pieces. You know how you love seeing a repeat of a pattern on the back of a china plate...that attention to detail...I love that. I paint the undersides of furniture, the drawer interiors (unless they are a beautiful wood finish already)...and line my drawers with paper. I mostly use scrapbook paper out of books I get with my 40% off coupons at Michaels! They are just the right size with a little trimming, heavy weight paper...and offer alot of variety in pattern...perfect for furniture.
    Thanks for asking!


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