Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Urban Barn update...

It's a quickie, mid week, Urban Barn, Leaping Lotus update...

I buzzed on over to Urban Barn yesterday 
to talk move in date 
for Cerro Home

Happy • Happy • Happy

I've been looking for another space for my hand painted furniture 
and vintage finds...
Urban barn is perfect!
It's all vintage...all the time...just my style!

 Great finds on the Urban Barn back lot

Inside is just a vintage delight!
I've been happily painting like crazy (I love a project)
I'll be moving in on Monday the 12th
ready for shopping on the 13th...
so excited! 

Along with that...I've been painting pieces to add into Leaping Lotus...
remember the stack of furniture from my last post?

It's now all in place at Leaping Lotus 
Solana Beach Design District on Cedros Avenue

I love everything about what I do...
shopping for vintage finds that catch my eye
cleaning + painting them up
(I'm not wild about pricing and listing, though it feels good to be organized)
and setting it all up in my shop...
soon to be two shops!

Best of all is someone seeing one of my vintage lovelies
appreciating it + wanting it for their very own...
it's a great big win + win!



  1. Replies
    1. Hi Jill...I kept hearing about Urban Barn but couldn't quite figure out where it was...though when I did I was very excited to be there and how easy it is to find. 155 W Crest between Broadway and Escondido Blvd right off the 78 fwy. It is so wonderfully vintage and great finds galore! Hope you get a chance to visit...after I'm in of course! :)


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