Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Furniture reveal using DYI chalk paint recipe...

Two things going on here...

#1...I finished the Ethan Allen wall unit I picked up 
for a, cheap, cheap!
#2... I finally tried a DYI chalk paint recipe, 
and I really liked it!

Reminder of the Ethan Allen pieces (all 5) in question
first mentioned here...

and the recipe that got me though them.

Not to take anything away from the original Annie Sloane Chalk Paint,
it's a wonderful product and I love using it...and the colors are lovely!
when I'm in the painting mode + need a color + and there isn't a stockist close by
a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do...
be creative!

So I went online to find a recipe and there are a few, 
though I liked the one from Diane at 
she did a very informative comparison of 3 different chalk paints.

Then I headed over to the Home Depot
and found my colors...
on the OOPS shelf no less...and I do mean less!
$7.00 a gallon for the perfect turquoise & off white...
that'll work!
I already had the Plaster of Paris
so I got to mixing.

The paint went on smoothly and stuck to it!
I did need to put two coats on to cover the wood.
Instead of waxing for a finish coat, I use a mix of 
1 part satin Minwax Polycrylic
1 part Behr faux glaze.
This makes a nice protective,
egg shell finish without too much shine.

The three pieces that made up the mid section of the unit
went over to my new  vintage retail space at Urban Barn in Escondido, CA.

The two ends, a corner piece and one with very sturdy drawers,
 went to my Leaping Lotus retail space in Solana Beach, CA.

Details please...

White painted over turquoise in the details
then sanded through to show it off

Fabulous ceramic hardware from Anthropology
(also on sale from $10. to $ 2.95)
they have the coolest hardware!

while I was at it and had the paint out 
I finished off this vintage desk/vanity...

...and this cute little arm chair I picked up for $13!
Recovered it with two different color ways of the same fabric,
painted it turquoise with the white over coat,
sanded through to once again expose the turquoise.

I try to paint extra pieces in the same color scheme while I have the paint out,
that makes for instant color story when I move them into one of my shops
and makes a really nice presentation.

I hope this was informative and got you thinking 
about trying out your own chalk Paint recipe.
I resisted for a really long was easier to just go buy it!
I think once you try it + enjoy the hugh savings + larger color selection 
your gonna really like it!

Let me know if you do try it and how it works out for you...
I'd love to hear!



  1. Oh, they are truly lovely Denise! Separating the pieces really makes the ends make statements of their own. Thanks for the mixing tips, too. I have several gallons of "oops" paint just waiting for projects and getting the chalk paints is very inconvenient and I can usually only get the little sample jars in the colors. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

    Denise in Texas

    1. Good morning Denise,
      Thank you so much! I know what you mean by inconvenient too, that's why I originally tried the recipe...then I discovered the savings! I do love Annie Sloan and the chalk paint wave she started and so appreciate her...though savings are savings! Give it a try and let me know how it works for you...and most of all have fun with it! :)

  2. Furniture reveal using Dyi chalk paint is given in the post here. Useful post

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  4. Even our old furniture can look new and gorgeous if we are just creative.
    Stickley Furniture

    1. So true Stickley...and I always feel good giving a cast off a new look and home!

  5. Yes, it's true, creativity is the key for such kind of furniture reviving. Just like reviving cheap bar stools, repainting and changing the cover is a good way of transforming it to newer ones.

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