Thursday, December 20, 2012

While I'm away...working in LA...

I got home last night... 
from getting started on my LA project...
 and up early this morning preparing to serve breakfast
to family who are in town for the holidays. 

But first...a few photos of the fun merchandise I'm setting up 
in the CMA showroom 
in preparation for the LA Home & Gift Market

I worked this week on
a huge home decor line
that has so many great themes!

What Makes Your Heart Flutter...
is one theme you may have seen out in shops already.
Kelly Rea is the artist who's images are on everything 
in this theme.


Of course my favorite is setting up the 
Cottage Chic 

I love this little dress made out of tin.

Within the Cottage Chic theme are several
color groups...
classic whites + colorful whimsy + antiqued and aged
something for everyone!.

I love it all and have so much fun setting it up...
it's not even work!

Now I'm going to sign off and get that 
egg casserole + fresh baked biscuits + fruit in honey yogurt 
going in the kitchen.

Hope you are all finding your own way to delight in the 
holiday buildup...and loving every minute of it!


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