Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Weekend, fabulous, frugal, friendly, furniture finds...

My latest collection 
garage sale & consignment store finds
all in three hours time !

For a total of 

Let me break it down...

$15 for all this
two really sturdy chairs that will paint up nicely
silver bowl
4 place mats & napkins in a vintage rose fabric
and an iron wall hanging (or trivet)

 I got this from one of the other vendors at Urban Barn
$35 marked down from $69
beautiful lines with a leather top
 I can't wait to paint it!

This little night stand for $39 with a
Venetian hard wax finish
 hand painted design.
I only have to clean this one up to sell...
I love that!

A darling curio cabinet with glass shelves
perfect no need to paint!
I took out the glass side panels and am thinking of replacing them 
with chicken wire!

Mirror $19 from $79
I hope it's an old mirror that I can remove some of the silvering on the back
Linda at Urban Barn is going to show me how to do it...
though says it only works on old mirrors.

$10 for this little night stand...simple design
and great small size that sells well.

 I love this piece...and the design...and it is so heavy...
and it will be so fun to paint!

Add in a bunch of fun little stuff...

 three new to look vintage mirrors

$5 each
ceramics pieces with flowers

set of vases...not vintage...just cool!

copper vase
(with two napkins thrown in)
silver bowl part of $15 group.

Now it's all heaped up and ready for a little (or alot) of attention...
aren't we all!

I'm hoping the rain doesn't show up again here in 
sunny California this week
so I can get brushes and paint out
and get these treasures ready for
new homes.

What's your latest found treasures?

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