Sunday, February 3, 2013

Silverware...I don't think I can get enough!

Sterling silverware...
I can spot it's luster across a crowded thrift store floor...

If not there, they have it behind the counter and you have to ask to see it...
and I do!

  • Sterling silver always retains it intrinsic silver value, and usually holds value as tableware as well. So, sterling silver has a strong resale value for the life of the product, and will keep its value for generations to come.

  • Sterling silver will last forever if you use it and care for it properly.

  • Sterling silver is an investment that rewards you every time you use it for the unparalleled beauty and substance it brings to your table.

To never loses its beauty
even more so when it shows its history of use.

It looks beautiful when all mixed up,
showing off many different patterns.

I especially love the feeling of polishing it 
and bringing it back to its lustrous shine.

After I polish it using my favorite silver polish

I bundle up sets of four or six
tag them
and put them in one of my shops

After adding this last bunch into Leaping Lotus
I decided it was high time I start a collection of my own!

Here's my inspiration piece,
a beautiful table knife with a G monogram

The "G" must stand for gorgeous!



  1. Great post. I've always wanted to collect silverware. I don't feel there's really an excuse. It's not like it takes up a lot of space. I always feel something magical when I am around it.

    1. I know Angela...I feel the same way. It's even more fun when you scout it out piece by piece. I get really excited to find a piece or two and even more now that I know I'm starting a collection for myself. I think too it makes a difference when you actually use it as everyday silverware...especially since it won't tarnish when you do.

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