Saturday, March 8, 2014

Lesson learned...

I just bought this piece from another dealer...
and spent way more than I normally would on a piece of furniture!
Especially since I would have to repair & paint
to get it ready to go into my shop at

I think I got caught up in the "mild frenzy" while shopping with a friend 
who also deals in painted pieces.
Not to take away from the beautiful burl wood drawer fronts
(that's what really got me),
and the great style of the piece.

But the man was a furniture dealer!
He had to make his money back and wasn't willing to take
deep discounts.  Coupled with me already imagining what could be done
with this piece...I lost my good sense and spent too much in my estimation.

I also had to spend a lot of time, glue & nails to get it sturdy and 
back in working order before I could even start painting.

Luckily, the wood was in such nice condition I just couldn't paint it...
well, not all of it anyway.

 Howard Restor A Finish 
was applied to all the wood
and then waxed and buffed it out.

The body of the dresser was painted with a light mixture of 
Paris Grey and Old White
Annie Sloane Chalk Paint.
Then waxed with a combo of clear & dark Soft Wax. 

The little cupboards and drawers were lined with 
a really pretty wallpaper my friend Vickie passed on to me.
The colors worked wonderfully with the rich wool finishes.

The mirror set back in its holders
so it could swivel to and fro...
and she's finished.

Today she goes to the Urban Barn
 for the monthly Flea Market, 
happening this weekend.

The lesson learned...
don't get caught up in "mild frenzy" when shopping for furniture.
Though after I got it all finished I thought...
"now this piece I could keep for myself"... 
I like it that much!

There's another lesson in that...
I have NO room for another piece of furniture in my home.
So off she goes to my shop...
where she will have a price tag of $525 and be 
waiting for her new home.


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