Saturday, May 17, 2014

Mural week's in the details!

Week two...details, details!
Now that we had our sky, land, water, environment in...
it was time to fill this large mural with a few details.

If you missed reading about Carole Mayne and CerroPaint 
building the foundation of this mural...
check it out here.

First helps that to have lovely clients that are excited about the project,
filling our heads full of ideas and photos,
to get the details just right.

Our goal was to make this mural special to them
and the memories of a place they lived and loved for so many years.

Here is the lady of the house with her horses out in the meadow...

...while her husband is to the right fly fishing.
Looks like he's catching a nice big rainbow trout!

Family pets black lab Bonnie watching the fly fishing from afar, 
and Sammy the barn cat, on the lookout to his next meal.

We were coached by the homeowner on the proper 
granite rocks that were scattered around the scene...
it is in the Rocky Mountains after all!

The wagon below was a birthday gift to his wife,
which was a great garden focal that she kept planted with flowers.

Then there is the local wildlife!
A visiting moose far off to the right in the above photo,
and a trio of mallard ducks flying over the stream below.

A munching chipmunk...

...and a bald eagle on the look out for lunch in the form of 
mallard ducks or chipmunks!

Then there was the door to the electronics and sound system in the house...
what to do with that to make it disappear?
It needed to be incorporated into the mural somehow...hummm.

Our first thought was an outhouse...
though we quickly changed that thought to a garden shed.

Garden shed it is...
paint a window and a flower box with geraniums on the front,
the homeowners horse shoe hooks with their lasso on the newly added side...
put a roof on it and magically...
a garden shed!

The eye sore in the beginning turned out to be one of our favorite features of this mural!

There was a strange little circle cut out on the door 
that we needed to make sense in the design.
So the window became a little more ornate,
offering the perfect spot for a little blue bird to nest.

And then there is the flower of favor...

Carole rocked these little beauties!
( along with meadow flowers and grasses too )

we happened to randomly come across a video by 
in the perfect timing to do this large Ponderosa pine behind the garden shed...
thank you Mural Joe,
we're new fans of yours!

I love wood graining,
(painting something to look like wood)
I don't get to do it often enough!

Here I was able to paint beams on both sides of the large mural,
and all the base boards in the room are wood grained to match 
the floor and other woods in the room.
That really finished and framed it all off.

The remaining walls in the room will now be painted a nice shade of a very light coco brown,
a game table added under the light fixture, with a sawed in half log for the bar top...
it'll be the perfect Cantina for this Rancho Santa Fe home!

Carole and I are very happy that we got to take part in this project!
It was fun to work together on a large scale 
we so enjoyed working with the homeowners
to keep the memories of their Colorado ranch alive.



  1. I have loved watching this journey-- you two are amazing. Beautiful work!

    1. Thank you so much Anonymous :) So glad you enjoyed it...we too did painting it and working together.

  2. Hi Denise and Carol: I enjoyed so much looking through the progress day by day. I couldn't have chosen anyone else any better in the whole wide world. Thank you for working with my clients and doing such a fantastic job. You make all of our visions come true. You are soooo
    talented. Thank you so very much. Lynn Harland, Designer

    1. Thanks so much Lynn for giving us the opportunity and having the confidence in us to work on your project, and being so supportive of what we brought to your clients. I can't say enough how much we enjoyed it and we're both excited to see the whole house complete! You are truly filling their home full of warmth and memories.


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